Independent Evaluation

An independent evaluation to help with school and/or treatment planning will pinpoint the specific strengths and challenges affecting a student's learning.

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Transition Planning

Many high-achieving students find themselves struggling for the first time in middle or high school, college, medical school, other graduate or professional programs, or even early in their careers.

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Diagnosis Support

It is well-known that children with an autism spectrum disorder often receive several misdiagnoses before being correctly diagnosed. Most neurodevelopmental problems (reading disorders, learning disorders, attention deficit disorder etc.) have symptom overlap.

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How long will the evaluation take?

Neuropsychological evaluation take approximately 6 to 8 hours and are typically scheduled over 1 to 3 sessions. However, there is some variability in this scheduling depending on your needs. Dr. Bronk typically meets with parents during the first assessment session. A developmental or psychological evaluation takes place typically in one session. Sometimes more, shorter sessions

Should my child take his or her medication on the day of testing?

Most often, your child will be instructed to take prescribed medications, but occasionally this may not be optimal. Since some medications affect a child’s cognitive functioning, it is important that Dr. Bronk is aware of the medications your child has taken and know of any changes in your child’s medication from session to session.

What should we bring with us to the appointment?

Please bring all of the completed forms that have been mailed home to you with your confirmation letter packet. Also bring with you any relevant records that may be helpful in our evaluation of your child. These may include previous testing reports, educational records (including Individualized Education Program, progress reports and report cards), and any