Independent Evaluation

An independent evaluation to help with school and/or treatment planning will pinpoint the specific strengths and challenges affecting a student's learning.

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Transition Planning

Many high-achieving students find themselves struggling for the first time in middle or high school, college, medical school, other graduate or professional programs, or even early in their careers.

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Diagnosis Support

It is well-known that children with an autism spectrum disorder often receive several misdiagnoses before being correctly diagnosed. Most neurodevelopmental problems (reading disorders, learning disorders, attention deficit disorder etc.) have symptom overlap.

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How frequently should a neuropsychological evaluation be performed?

In general, your child’s neuropsychological evaluation results will be helpful for several years. NDH recommends updates approximately every three years, although a comprehensive evaluation may not be necessary. Brief evaluations may also be recommended sooner to assess the effects of recommended interventions.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of the evaluation?

NDH does not have a billing department. Therefore, NDH does not bill your insurance directly. However, at your request, you will be provided with a superbill that contains all of the information necessary (including diagnosis, dates of service and type of service rendered) for you to submit to your health insurance provider to seek reimbursement for any payments

What will be done to protect my child’s privacy?

NDH is dedicated to protecting your child’s privacy and take great care in protecting sensitive information. NDH will release reports to other parties (such as your child’s school or other clinician) only after obtaining your permission. Please note an exception to our privacy efforts in the rare cases where NDH feel that your child is in danger. Psychologists

How will the results of my child’s evaluation be shared?

The results will be delivered as follows: A 60-90 minute feedback session for parents. For older children and adolescents, Dr. Bronk can also arrange to meet with your child on a separate occasion to review the results with them briefly, highlighting their strengths and explaining our findings and recommendations in simple terms. Following the feedback session, a